Copyright is a term that is used to describe the legal rights of the owners of the content and their original property. The power of ownership is not always in the hands of the people who launch it. Its distribution and rights to use the content regarding art, videos, music, songs, books, or anything are only kept by the real creators. In shorter and simpler words it is the right to copy but not gives the right to copy any artistic work to anyone. Though everyone here is inspired and in love with Hindi tv shows and has been watching them for decades. Hindi serials service includes all the content that is provided on Desi Tv, which is protected by copyright. It produces or contains exclusive rights to many written stories and genres related to entertainment including popular tv shows content.

Moreover, ideas, plans, or facts and procedures are not generally subject to copyright. But being humans, we sometimes make errors and fall short. Though, we strive at the hive to produce high quality and original content while trying to keep on maintaining ethical and moral standards. As per mentioned above, humans make errors and mistakes. And no creator intentionally does any malicious acts. But we accept that ignorance should never be a part of the creators lives and not be used as a legitimate excuse for wrongdoings.

We are always grateful to our Hindi show lovers and audience they have always supported us and given us honest reviews to us. And all those times we have approached to bring something new or any changes we took as a learning opportunity and corrected things better ways. However, we have always been committed to avoiding copyright violations, and staying honest was and is our first priority. 

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  Well, if we have mistakenly added something (content/information) on our platform. Which belonged to you or any of your group members by mistake. We highly condemn that and apologize for our negligence. Also, We acknowledge that the work used without authorization is unethical and deserves the right recognition. We highly apologize for the loss and how hurt you have been because of the fault in our knowledge. Futhermore, We and our whole team apologize for that. And guarantee you that this mistake will not be repeated in the future again. Moreover, if you are the owner or the rightful proprietor of the content presented on our website. Please feel free to reach me first.  Email (… ) us with your Full Name, Contact details, Copyright infringing URL, and authorized Doc. 

Again we had like to apologize to you and your partners/group members for the inconvenience caused by us. Kindly accept our apology and keep on believing that we will resolve the matter together. If you have any queries or questions you can also contact us on the provided details on our site. We guarantee you the Copyright infringement content will be removed directly from the site within 48 hours. 

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I guarantee you that, I’ll take away the infringing content material Inside 48 Hours.