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However, Privacy Policies generally explain that the information/content that Desi Serials provide, Produce, and Share related to Indian Tv Shows is authentic and legal. Also, our privacy policy does not ant any case applies or targets children but our Digital and Online services are user-friendly and Peaceful. Our site is a build-up of a vast number of Multiple tv Shows and Web Series. In the Privacy Policy, the management team/ developers decide the purposes for which the content/information is processed and also it will be processed. 

Hindi Serial values the trust achieved by the audience of Hindi Tv (“You”, “Your”, “Us”, “User”, “Subscriber”) and thus, We make sure to follow the highest standards to secure and protect our viewer’s personal information. We do not use any of our views or personal information for any kind of profile creation or data collection. In that case, our site is completely safe to use. Here you can access the content without any registration or subscription plans. In case you wish to connect with our community, the details we require are very basic. You can connect through the Comment section by providing your email ID, and name to authenticate and identify you on the site for personalization purposes only. All the data is secured and not shared with any third party. Without any hesitation, you can easily enjoy the Collection of Hindi Tv Shows on our platform.    

Cookies Or Notifications:

Well, you may not know but cookies collect a small amount of data from your device, These are sent to you through the sites and they are kept stored in your Device’s hard drives. There are many online streaming websites that use this method, but here you have freedom because we do not send any cookies or notifications on your device. Well, If you want to save your information, make sure to not allow your browser to allow cookies. However, Your preferences for countries or authentic information are not used by us. 

Moreover, being a free online streaming site, For monetization, we use Google AdSense programs. Which generally shows personalized advertisements that can use cookies. In that case, too, your data is always secure.

Data Collection and Use:

While using our site, we do not ask you to provide us with certain information related to personal identification. You can use our Contact information or stay in touch with us through comment sections. But any of the information provided is not used by “Us” to contact you. We do not require any log data too. Because the security of your device and PI (Personal information) is important to us. As mentioned above, in the Cookies/Notification section we collect only basic information because our site is an end-to-end encrypted SSL Certificate.   

Changes to the Existing Privacy Policy:

We may or may not update the privacy policy with time. By posting the New Privacy Policies we will keep on updating you on the site. However, you are requested to keep on reviewing the changes periodically.