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First, An Important Message: Before Using this Free Online entertainment Platforms services, Kindly Carefully Read All the Terms of Use, Conditions, and Agreements. 

1: User-Friendly Terms: This service is not generated for any targeted audience. It is exclusively peaceful and friendly to the residents of any country. We recommend that our young adults not attempt any illegal or inhuman act because all the content provided here is only fictional, not reality-based. There are no such restrictions to use or access the content because all the collections and features are Free to use. And the services provided by this platform are flexible and convenient. However, we hold the right to make any changes, at any time in the terms of use/ agreements without issuing any notice. For your convenience, you can visit the site regularly and keep yourself updated with the terms and conditions. 

2: Free Membership:

Hindi Serial provides a free subscription service that allows our audience to live access entertainment content from any of their chosen devices. For using Hindi Tv services you must have internet access and a device to watch your favorite shows. There are no payment methods nor there will be to access the content. 

  1. We may offer a number of Genres or categories related to the entertainment world. But we are not responsible for the content and services you avail/ use for your own benefit. 
  2. The services and the content offered can be shared with individuals, with your friends and family because all the content is based on fictional stories and information. 
  3. You can access the Hindi Tv Shows’ content within and outside of the country. In geographical locations, our content is not restricted to anyone. The content is available in every corner of the world and can be accessed at any time. The number of devices on which you prefer to watch is also your choice. 
  4. All the Hindi Channel content is available for complete download and online viewing. 
  5. The quality of the display of the site content may vary on your internet speed or device. And it can be affected by any kind of factors such as your internet problem, and location issues. Not all the content is available in full HD format but providing you a good picture quality is our priority. 

Customer support:

To Find more information regarding our site’s services or its advanced features, please visit the Contact Us option which is provided on our website. In certain conditions or instances, customer services are always available to assist you. In the case of any conflict or issues regarding our content, services, or Terms of Use kindly contact us first, and we will make sure to be of any help you need. 

Electronic Communications:

We do not hold any Personal information of any user, nor our team or site sends any information to anyone. 

Changes in Term of Use: Desi Serial may, from time to time, can change its existing Terms of Use. Before making any changes we may not be able to inform you on time. For your convince you must keep on checking the details gradually.