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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai is an Indian drama serial, about a naive girl. This drama was released on July 5, 2022. This drama was aired on star Bharat.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai tv serial cast

Name  Bohot Pyar Karte Hai 
Genre  Drama, Romance 
Created by  Sandiip Sikcand
Produced by Fazila Allana, Sandiip Sikcand
Country of origin  India 
Original language  Hindi 
No of seasons  1
No of episodes  121
Running time  20-23 minutes
Show time Mon-Fri, 12:00 am
Original Network  Star Bharat, Disney+ Hotstar 
Release date  July 5, 2022


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Cast:

Main Cast:

The real names of the main cast of the drama serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai are following:

  • Karan Grover as Ritesh Malhotra: (Main lead, Pankaj, Kamna, Deep and Dolly’s nephew, Sameer and Vivaan’s cousin, Indu’s husband, Zoon’s adoptive father)
  • Sayali Salunkhe as Indu Raina Malhotra (Female Lead, Rajendra and Sunita’s daughter,  Prashant and Anjali’s sister, Ritesh’s wife, Zoon’s adoptive mother)
  • Kiara Sadh as Zoon Raina Malhotra (Kadambari’s biological daughter, Indu and Ritesh’s adoptive daughter)

Support Cast:

The real names of the support role cast are following:

  • Shireen Mirza as Kamna Pankaj Malhotra (Pankaj’s second wife, Sameer and Vivan’s stepmother, Ritesh’s aunt)
  • Sanjay Swaraj as Pankaj Malhotra ( Deep’s elder brother; Kamna’s husband, Sameer and Vivaan’s father, Ritesh’s uncle)
  • Kushagre Dua as Sameer Malhotra: (Pankaj’s son, Kamna’s stepson, Vivaan’s elder brother, Ritesh’s cousin; Kadambari’s husband)
  • Aryan Arora as Vivan Malhotra (Pankaj’s son, Kamna’s stepson; Sameer’s younger brother, Ritesh’s cousin, Anjali’s lover )
  • Amit Singh Thakur as Rajendra Raina (Sunita’s husband; Prashant, Indu and Anjali’s father, Zoon’s adoptive grandfather, Asha and Ritesh’s father-in-law)
  • Nikita Tiwari as Asha Bakshi Raina (Nima and Vinod’s daughter, Kadambari’s step-sister, Prashant’s widow; Zoon’s adoptive aunt, Vivek’s love interest)
  • Trishaan Maini as Vivek ( Indu’s best friend, Asha’s lover)
  • Riya Soni as Anjali “Anju” Raina (Sunita and Rajendra’s daughter, Prashant and Indu’s sister, Zoon’s adoptive aunt; Rahul and Vivaan’s love interest)
  • Neelam Pathania as Sunita Raina (Rajendra’s wife; Prashant, Indu and Anjali’s mother, Zoon’s adoptive grandmother, Asha and Ritesh’s mother-in-law)
  • Pankit Thakker as Deep Malhotra (Pankaj’s younger brother, Dolly’s husband, Ritesh, Sameer and Vivaan’s uncle)
  • Priyamvada Singh as Dolly Deep Malhotra (Deep’s wife; Ritesh, Sameer and Vivaan’s aunt)
  • Ali Khan as Rahul (Ritesh’s friend and manager, Anjali’s lover)
  • Aparna Aparajit as Mrs. Malhotra (Ritesh’s mother, Indu’s mother-in-law, Zoon’s adoptive grandmother)
  • Prerna Wanvari as Kadambari Patel Malhotra (Vinod’s daughter, Asha’s step-sister, Zoon’s biological mother, Sameer’s wife)
  • Ribbhu Mehra as Mahesh ( Indu’s former love interest)
  • Keertida Mistry

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Plot Story:

Bohot Pyaar Karte hein is a romantic story about a girl name Indu living her life happily with her family. She loves Mahesh who use to live with her, and believed that he also loves her. With her dad she leaves to meet him to only find out that he is already married. He insults her saying that she is gold digger and he was only good to her due to his nature and never loved her. He also pushes her dad, who gets injured. She rushes to hospital to save her father. In anger she comes to Mahesh house to make him sorry by throwing ring he gave her on him. There Ritesh is present who came to meet Mahesh wife who is his friend.

When Indu was going back to her home she meets a pregnant women who elopes after giving birth to the baby. Everyone tells her to leave the baby in the police station, but she says she can’t leave the baby alone, and decides to keep the baby with her. She names her Zoon. Indu mother is not ready to keep the baby. When Indu goes to hospital to get Zoon Vaccinated, Mahesh comes there and threatens to kill the baby but Ritesh saves her, but doesn’t show his face to anyone.

Five years passes, and Zoon is grown up. Zoon kept asking Indu about her father and says she wants a father. Indu is also a successful person in her life. Once again Zoon gets into danger and Ritesh saves her, he thinks that child parents are neglecting and can’t take care of her. Ritesh gets arrested by drug department and Indu saves him. Ristesh visits Zoon school and during the game Indu faints so Ritesh wins the match for Zoon. He later confronts Indu for not taking care of Zoon and only thinking about herself.

Ritesh gets attached to Zoon and thinks her someone dearly to himself. Zoon also helps Ritesh to get united to his mother. Pankaj and Kaamna tries to harm Indu and Ritesh on which Zoon hears them. But they threaten her to not speak. Kaamna fakes suicide to frame Ritesh, but fails. Sunita in anger tells everyone that Zoon is not Indu’s daughter and she is just saving her. Kaamna Plans to kill Shakuntala and tries to frame Ritesh and Indu for this. After knowing the truth about Zoon Ritesh tries to take her, for her betterment.

He gets Indu arrested for neglecting Zoon. Indu confronts Ritesh about his acts and says she loves Zoon and you can’t separate her form her daughter. Zoon also gets to know the truth about Indu not being her mother, and thinks that she is creating problems for Indu so decides to leave the CCA center, but Indu finds her on which Zoon says she is sorry. Kadambari real mother of Zoon comes for her custody, for the wealth that’s under Zoon name left by Kadambari father. Ritesh decides to help Indu to get Zoon custody.

They decides to get married for Zoon on which Zoon gets really happy. Kadambari gets with Mahesh to get the property. Mahesh shoots Ritesh in order to kill him. He was in danger and almost dead but comes to life just for Zoon. Ritesh and Indu starts their marriage preparation, on which Kadambari tries to marry Ritesh by kidnapping Indu with the help of Mahesh. But they fail and Ritesh and Indu get married. Sammer marries Kadambari. After trying all ways and stooping low Kadambari gets Zoon Custody.  Indu and Ritesh tries their best to fight back. Sameer kidnaps Asha on which Indu and Ritesh finds Asha and Sameer in sent to Jail.

Bohot pyaar karte hai recent update:

In the latest episode of Bohot Pyaar Karte Ho Kamna Horms Zoon, as Sameer told her that she replaces Zoon’s bullets, after the drug fainted to Zoon. Indu finds out the truth and faces earning about his behavior.

Bohot pyaar karte hai upcoming twist:

Indu and Ritesh will try to give their love and support to Zoon, despite trying to harm Sameer and try to separate them. Zoon will also insist on living with them.

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